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What should be considered when performing the title deed transaction ...
When it is decided to buy or sell a house, there is quite a lot of action to be taken into account when performing the title deed transaction.

Having the expertise of the real estate planned to be purchased at the beginning will be much more useful than determining the value.
The appraisal report will enlighten the parties about the real estate in matters such as the decision of the municipal council, deed restriction, earthquake damage.

The parties will be protective, even if the seller or buyer makes an initial agreement about the real estate planned to be purchased.

If the parties have agreed on the terms; We can say that processing the title deed is a one-day process, only the steps need to be followed.

The necessary documents can be taken from the title deed as a list, and if the land registry office is deemed necessary, a health report may be requested by the directorate. In order to be prepared for this, a meeting can be made with the land registry office in advance.

DASK makes an application to the land registry office with the real estate current value letter and application documents, and the application requests are processed by the Land Registry Directorate to inform them via SMS.
The aforementioned notification will be notified by SMS about the amount of the trading and revolving fund fees and the account to be deposited and the appointment time. Until this time, these payments should be made and be ready for the title deed at the appointment time.

While getting the real estate market value from the municipality, there should be no retrospective real estate debt.

In reminders, the registration of the title deed from the real value is considered as an advisory and the cost should be declared to the land registry officer to complete the title deed transaction.

It is no longer compulsory to include a picture in the title deeds, and it is not counted among the application documents listed above.

Deed transactions include high cost, ownership right, and real estate sales, valleys and so on. contracts contain elements other than those listed above. They should be prepared carefully and examined in line with the will of the parties. For example; Although real estate will also use credit, it will be important to specify these conditions in this contract.

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